David Coburn reconfirmed as the UKIP Scotland Leader

Published Dec 12, 2016

DavidCoburnRole.jpgFollowing the announcement David Coburn MEP, virtually the only Scottish politician who speaks for the 1 million plus (38% of Scots who voted for Leave during the EU referendum) said, "I will be working with Paul Nuttall to ensure UKIP in Scotland takes working class seats where people have been abandoned by the Scottish Labour Party in the same way Paul will be taking ex-Labour seats in the North of England".

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said  "David’s commitment to Scotland has been proven time and again through his busyness during campaign periods. His anger at the abandonment of the Scottish working class by the other parties is heartfelt and a great asset in our fight against the cosy Establishment across the UK, and in particular Scotland.”

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