David McNarry MLA says Northern Ireland Executive still not fit to govern


IMG_7190.JPGUKIP Leader in Northern Ireland David McNarry MLA says that the Northern Ireland Executive is still not fit to govern and has called for a referendum on Tax Reforms and Corporation Tax.

"On the economic future of Northern Ireland, there is no Assembly election until 2016. Instead of power play talks hitting an impasse, why not let the people decide by holding a referendum on Tax Reforms and Corporation Tax? The Executive’s performance has been appalling. Long before Tory cuts, the Executive had plunged us all into an economic black hole, through careless spending sprees, a funds-for-all mentality and a reckless neglect of public money.

"The DUP, Sinn Fein, UUP, SDLP and Alliance make up the five party Cosy Executive Coalition and boy are they glad to hear the Chancellor say 'provided the Northern Ireland Executive is capable of handling the financial implications he will introduce Corporation Tax.” George Osborne just let them all off the hook! They are clearly not capable.

"The Executive have found a hiding place to shift the emphasis of financial management away from their own ineffective failures to deliver budgetary controls over many years. The Executive’s record as the custodians of our economy is dismal and the pickle the people find themselves in over cuts, is entirely due to the poor quality of management in the departments run by the Five cosy coalition Ministers! 

"Let’s face it, their financial management has been lamentable. More’s the pity that Peter Robinson took so long in calling the Executive ‘unfit for government.’ He should have said this four years ago or even earlier!

"Let’s also be frank these five Ministers have bottled it. Only Arlene Foster escapes the charge of being incompetent and out of their depth. It is the whole coalition cabal who have let the people down. They came together, trumpeting the rallying call of “we will grow the economy.” Well what I say is – now, show the evidence of your delivery! 

"Unless the five parties pull a magic rabbit out of the hat or build an economic Trojan horse, Robinson’s question remains well and truly answered – the Executive are still not fit to govern. 

"If stalemate or rejection is the concluding result then Robinson should bow out and call an election. You know what! He won’t because he, like the UUP, the lackeys in Alliance and the SDLP all know their votes would wither on the vine and voting share decline; it is they who would be in big trouble. 

"For sure, if they put off the people for another year without an election or alternatively - a referendum - all five will be in for a major shock!"

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