David McNarry welcomes Nigel to Northern Ireland for his sixth recent visit

Published Apr 26, 2016

nigel_in_ni.jpgNigel Farage MEP yesterday visited Northern Ireland as part of his touring covering the elections in Northern Ireland Wales and Scotland, the UKIP leader was delighted with his reception from local people. As it was his sixth visit in recent times Mr Farage said, "I always appreciate the warm welcome I receive in Northern Ireland, we have a great team here and I'm proud that we are contesting elections right across the United Kingdom including Stormont."

Mr Farage began his visit in East Belfast at the launch of UKIP candidate Jonny Lavery's billboard poster, he travelled over to South Belfast to meet with Bob Stoker in Sandy Row, before lunch in the cathedral quarter at the "Made in Belfast" restaurant where he has eaten before appearing on BBC Talkback programme.

After lunch the UKIP leader was joined by the parties candidates standing in 13 constituencies for a walk around Belfast city centre where he enjoyed talking to shoppers city workers and traders.

Cllr Noel Jordan the UKIP candidate in East Antrim met Mr Farage in the afternoon at Carrickfergus historic castle. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also became Baron and Baroness of Carrickfergus on the day of their marriage. Mr Farage met many local residents and shoppers when he strolled around Carrick town centre before coming to a well earned rest for refreshments.

Before returning to London the UKIP leader had a private meeting with the party candidates during which he expressed his admiration for them all and his confidence in UKIP winning seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Throughout his visit to Northern Ireland Mr Farage was accompanied by Northern Ireland UKIP leader David McNarry, Mr McNarry said "Nigel Farage has never failed the people of Northern Ireland. He works tirelessly in the background for us in Brussels he loves this place and its people. Why wouldn't he, we are easy to love!”

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