Decision to stop e-blueys symptomatic of the lack of basic care the Ministry of Defence has towards troops

Published Mar 14, 2017

thumbnail_bill4.jpgUKIP defence spokesman Bill Etheridge has called the decision to stop e-blueys "symptomatic of the lack of basic care the Ministry of Defence has towards troops."

Mr Etheridge said the savings were "a paltry, false economy" which would "cost more in the long run as morale in the Armed Forces drops like a stone."

"There are plenty of quick savings which could be made in the military, including the obsession with diversity targets and notice boards festooning bases but fundamentally there needs to be a serious injection of cash into our military.

"We are only making the 2% NATO commitment by fudging the figures yet the mindset of this government is that foreign aid spending is a better defence than a properly funded Armed Forces.

"There is a crisis in recruitment, a crisis in retention and a crisis in morale. The response to take an axe to a truly important way for troops to stay in contact with their loved ones when on operations shows the ineptitude of the decision makers in the Ministry of Defence.

"I also want to know where are the top brass complaining about this? Or are they more interested in getting honours than looking after their chain of command?"

UKIP Veterans Spokesman and former soldier, Mike Hookem MEP added; "We know consecutive governments have taken our armed forces for granted for a long time. However, this penny-pinching move to deprive our frontline troops of a moral boosting link to home, makes me bloody furious.

"What the people who decided to cut 'e-blueys' don’t seem to understand is just how meaningful it can be for troops facing the adversity of the frontline to hear from home. To a soldier, a letter from home is not merely just another letter. A ‘bluey’ is a lifeline to a normality that often feels a million miles away to those involved in the hardships of frontline service.

"If the MoD are really that desperate to save a few quid, why don’t they start fining some of the companies that continue to rake in millions, despite years of delays and cost overruns in the provision of new military equipment.

“Penalising those who are risking everything to defend the interests of this country is simply disgraceful and needs urgent review. For me, the move to end the provision of ‘e-blueys’ goes to prove the First World War saying, 'lions led by donkey's', is still as resonant today as it was back then."

"There is something very wrong with the way the UK's armed forces are run today, and this must be sorted quickly if we are to have a military that is fit-for-purpose and effective. If we carry on making stupid cuts like this, how will we ever get people to even join.”

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