Delight at news of new frigates

Published Sep 08, 2017

UKIP Defence Spokesman, Bill Etheridge, told of his delight at the news the UK is to build at least five Type 31 frigates

The Type 31 Frigate is reported to be cheaper than the new Type 26, with a fixed price of £250m to encourage exports. The ships themselves are to be built in segments then assembled in a similar manner to the new Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier.

Mr Etheridge, MEP for the West Midlands, said, "Exports of the Anti-submarine Type 26 frigate have been affected by the cost.

“As we head towards Brexit, this new ship would be a huge boost to our shipbuilding industry and boost the numbers of a shrinking Royal Navy.

“I call on the government to use the savings made by opting for the Type 31 to invest once more into ship numbers particularly in the field of fisheries protection and make the Royal Navy once more the pride of the seas.”

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