Diane James condemns the ECHR as "a dangerous farce giving protection to terrorists and murderers"

Published Jun 22, 2015

DianeJames.jpgDiane James, UKIP MEP for the South East and Justice and Home Affairs spokesman, said today: "Yet again a dangerous terrorist suspect has been given refuge in our country."

Last week a High Court judge ruled on human rights grounds that a Somali terror suspect known only as "DD" could remove the electronic tag which monitored his movements. The man, who has been living in the UK with his seven children after being granted asylum, has been arrested five times and jailed twice in the last two years for allegedly breaching judge-ordered conditions on his activities and access to the internet.

Diane James said: "He has been subsidised by welfare payments from the taxpayer and mother-cuddled by the legal system - it's an outrage which has to stop."

She continued, "This case demonstrates that the Human Rights Act, the result of the European Convention of Human  Rights, is a dangerous farce giving  protection to terrorists and murderers. At the same time it ignores the rights of victims and the state's duty to keep its people safe. The only sure way to get rid of the ECHR is to leave the EU and get something better. This judgment shows the urgency of change."

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