Diane James: “We need to bring our Justice and Legal System back under UK control”


DianeJames.jpgDiane James focused on bringing back the UK Justice and Legal System under UK control.  “British justice is still the best in the World, but is being destroyed by the EU”, she said. “Our gutless coalition government seems to believe that repatriation of powers means handing them over to Brussels.  Over 35 significant UK powers are currently being prepared for hand-over.  UKIP believes that the UK’s justice system has to be determined by the British people through the UK parliament, not delegated to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels”.

She made the forceful point that, as a priority, UKIP will repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it with a UK Bill of Rights that puts the rights of the innocent formally above the rights of the criminal. She also said “On UKIP’s watch, not one single prisoner will vote in any election.  No if’s or but’s. Just no votes for prisoners”.

She highlighted the debacle of the European Arrest Warrant, used in the recent Aysha King case. “It is an appalling betrayal of the British sense of justice and rule of law”. “Not only this Warrant, but also the European Investigation Order, which allows any foreign judge or police to require the search of people’s homes, bank accounts and communications in the UK”. She confirmed that UKIP will insist on non-compliance with these impractical and discredited EU schemes”.

On a very positive note, she insisted that UKIP wants to create a truly modern, efficient and effective police force that meets the needs of all law-abiding citizens. “Among other things, harnessing commercial off-the-shelf technology for video and audio recording by all officers of all situations would reduce bureaucracy and give police an edge against criminals” she said.

“Our prison system is in crisis. UKIP wants a complete review, not tinkering around the edges, taking into account best practice from other countries so to create a system that has a motivational and learning focus to prepare criminals for repatriation into society”.

She concluded: “Taking back control – UKIP will deliver.”

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