Direct commissioning of a few building sites by government will do little to end our country's mammoth housing crisis

Published Jan 04, 2016

Andrew_Charalambous.jpgUKIP's Housing Spokesman Andrew Charalambous described the announcement of the direct commissioning of a few building sites by the government as, "No more than gesture politics from a government without any kind of coherent or coordinated housing policy. This government is doing nothing to tackle the underlying causes of the housing shortage. The truth is less and less families can now afford to buy their own home, whilst statistics show that levels of people homeless or sleeping rough are soaring towards record heights".

"If the government really wanted to do something radical in housing it should follow UKIP's proposals for a brownfield revolution. Bring back to use the seven hundred thousand plus empty properties in our country, and do more to release inert public land for residential development".

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