Disastrous European Energy Policy behind hundreds of Welsh Job Losses

Published Aug 26, 2015

CEFF-3KWoAAou8p.jpgUKIP Policy Chief Mark Reckless says it is high time politicians in Wales woke up to the disastrous impact energy policy is having on industry, putting thousands of jobs at stake

In yet another blow to Wales, Tata Steel has announced mothballing its plant in Llanwern, signalling the loss of 250 jobs. This comes just a year after the steel giant announced closing its site in Port Talbot, costing 400 jobs. Last month Tata closed two sites in Yorkshire blaming ‘crippling high electricity costs’

“Announcements like these spell disaster for hundreds of people whose jobs rely on a thriving industrial sector. With hopeless energy policy driving up operational costs to unmanageable levels, massive companies like Tata are closing plants in Wales in favour of cheaper sites elsewhere. The real impact on the Welsh economy must not be underestimated.

“Currently we take directions from the European Union on ridiculous targets that render our economy deeply uncompetitive. It’s all very well MPs in Westminster and AMs in Cardiff Bay decrying this latest closure, but until they admit that unless we wrest back control of energy policy from the EU and pursue an effective, business friendly agenda rather than pie-in-the-sky green legislation, this sort of story will become all too common.

“How can the Chancellor talk of 'a march of the makers’ when more and more multinationals are choosing to leave, casting hundreds of Welsh workers into unemployment and decades more misery?"

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