Doing Better Outside the EU

Published Dec 14, 2016

M.R._085.gifUKIP today welcomes the latest set of labour market data. The overall position remains healthy, despite so many negative projections from EU cheerleaders.

UKIP Economy Spokesman Mark Reckless, responding to the jobs figures said: "Our jobs market remains in far better shape than elsewhere in the EU. Unemployment has continued to fall on the main measure and there has been a welcome increase in average wage growth to 2.5%. As we take back control from the EU, a greater proportion of future net employment growth may now benefit UK rather than EU workers.

"Unemployment has overall continued to fall since the Brexit vote, employment is close to record highs, and average wage growth has now accelerated to 2.5%.

"Unfortunately, most of the net increase in new jobs is still accounted for by non-UK nationals, whose total employment rose by 241,000 in the past year, compared to a net 213,000 increase in employment for UK nationals.

"There are now 3.49 million non-UK nationals employed in the UK, with almost all the increase in the past year reflecting EU nationals, of whom there are now 2.26 million working in the UK.

"However, that increase of 221,000 in the number of EU nationals working in the UK over the past year, has slowed in the three months following the EU referendum, with the latest quarterly increase (not seasonally adjusted) coming in at 26,300."

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