Don't let Labour Balls Up the Economy


UKIP reaction's to the Shadow Chancellor's speech:

One glaring discrepancy shows that Balls is talking utter Balls. He talks about a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee where unemployed 18-24 year olds out of work would be offered a taxpayer funded job. But under EU rules, British workers cannot be prioritised.

Is he planning on extending that scheme to the five million young people unemployed across the EU?

Here he is talking about building 200,000 new homes. Where? Who for? One assumes they are needed to house the ever increasing number of migrant workers flooding in to the UK

He talks about increasing the minimum wage. But it's the millions of low skilled EU workers that mean unscrupulous employers get away with offering temporary contracts on the cheapest wages to foreign workers.

He pledges Labour would cut corporation tax, while his beloved EU dream of seeing corporation tax harmonised across the Union. The UK simply cannot achieve a competitive edge to boost employment and get our economy going while doing as Brussels says.

It's little wonder Labour are haemorrhaging support from the blue collar vote to UKIP. They abandoned them a long time ago. We are now the only party facing reality and willing to stand up and support British workers.

Same old Labour promise the earth. Same old Labour can't do the sums and same old Labour sacrifice the future prosperity of the UK on the altar of Brussels.

Don't trust a word they say. Nothing is safe in their hands.

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