Draft EU Budget delay slammed

Published May 13, 2016

jonathan_arnott_1.jpgA decision to delay announcement of a draft EU budget until after the Referendum has been slammed by UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott.

The budget for 2017 had been due for presentation on May 25 but it has now been put back until June 27 - four days after the UK vote on EU membership.

“This is classic behaviour by these manipulative faceless bureaucrats. The Commission is treating people like mushrooms, keeping them in the dark and feeding them manure,” said Mr Arnott, who is a member of the EU’s Budget Committee.

Members of the committee have been notified that the draft proposal requires extra preparation time in order to factor in new spending to deal with the migration crisis.

Mr Arnott, MEP for the North East, said, "EU membership costs the UK a huge bag of cash each day, but the European Commission wants to keep the British public in the dark about exactly how much this will increase.

“The Commission is dishonestly withholding vital information from British taxpayers who deserve a fully-informed discussion about how much the EU is costing us.

“We currently know the EU is also holding back a wall of legislation until after the Brexit vote, but this latest move should alarm everyone who wants to make a democratic decision based on the factual cost of EU membership.

“The situation is bad now but if the electorate don’t vote to leave it is going to get a lot worse,” said Mr Arnott.

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