East Yorkshire Conservative Councillor, Michael Burchill defects to UKIP just prior to leaders debate

Published Apr 02, 2015

East Yorkshire Councillor, Michael Burchill, has tonight defected from the Conservatives to UKIP saying the Conservative party “has been consumed with enforcing its will on the membership without consultation”.

After handing his resignation to Angus West, Chairman of the Conservative Central Haltemprice Branch, Michael said, “The local Conservative Party have forgotten that councillors work for the Residents and Constituents not for the council. I was elected to represent my residents and monitor the council’s performance and whilst the council is very good in some areas it is appalling in others. If you disagree with anything in the Conservative group you are in trouble. Interception and redirection of emails is endemic and shouting down of members in council is common. Democracy is a process they do not understand.”

Explaining why he chose to join the UK Independence Party, Michael, who is commonly known as Mick said, “I am very pleased to be joining UKIP, as they are a progressive party with a 'Grass Roots' foundation. UKIP are interested in both residents and their members, something I can’t say about the local Conservatives. Having no party whip is also a huge step forward as it allows considered opinions to be heard. Its relative newness will allow development of thought process, experience and knowledge to be used effectively and it is led by a man who's enthusiasm and intelligence is infectious and who has the time to and ability to relate to their needs. Nigel Farage is a listener as well as a talker and I like that.”

UKIP MEP for Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire, Mike Hookem said, “I am very pleased to be able to welcome Mick Burchill to UKIP. Mick’s defection shows that our message continues to be heard in all corners of the country and that more and more people like what we have to say. I look forward to working closely with Mick in the coming months.”

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