Ed Miliband - busy doing nothing on immigration


“Ed Miliband’s “big” immigration speech lasted a sum total of seven minutes today", said Steven Woolfe MEP, the UKIP Migration spokesman.

"Miliband is highlighting the fact that Labour really has nothing to say, and has no wish to say anything to the British people on this issue – especially not “sorry” for opening the doors to Europe in 2004.

“Time and again UKIP is being proven right. The two major parties have no constructive comments to make about mass migration in Britain, whereas UKIP’s Australian style points-based system is getting plaudits on doorsteps across the country. Another duff speech from Miliband means another swathe of ex-Labour voters moving to UKIP”.

“Mr Miliband said he would not make any promises on cutting numbers or leaving the European Union. Presumably he doesn’t want to get caught in the trap the Tories did in 2010, when they promised to cut numbers, and campaigned in favour of an EU referendum. But this still means no action for Britain. Already, Ed is waving the white flag.

“Sure enough, Mr Miliband stuck to Labour’s leaked advice on “campaigning about UKIP”. The 33-page document advised MPs to change the subject if voters brought up immigration on the doorstep, and the first question Mr Miliband accepted from the “public" was one from a Labour parliamentary candidate, and the first one he actually answered was on domestic employment law."



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