Electoral Commission proven once again to be not fit for purpose


UKIP Leader Nigel Farage has responded to the Parliamentary Ombudsman's report today regarding the Electoral Commission's competence in the case of donations to the Liberal Democrats from 5th Avenue Partners.

The report found that the Electoral Commission failed to ask for relevant information concerning the donations. They also did not follow up concerns they had about the robustness of the checks the Liberal Democrats made into the donations they received.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "The bastion of a 21st century democracy has to be transparency and accountability yet ElComm's string of abject failings and their subsequent refusal to recognise any charges of maladministration calls the very basis of our political system in to question.

"The fact that the Liberal Democrats got away scot free with a £2.4m donation prior to the last election from a convicted fraudster is appalling. These are the sort of amounts that help shape and determine election results.

"UKIP meanwhile has been constantly hounded by the Electoral Commission on matters of no substantive basis and has had very credible concerns brushed aside with utter derision shows that what should be an independent and just arbiter of democratic practise in the UK is instead an organisation left with very little credibility and extremely questionable judgement.

"In the case of Alan Bown, who was neither foreign nor anonymous, the Electoral Commission hounded UKIP to the point of near bankruptcy.

"The Electoral Commission has also utterly failed to deal with the growing problem of postal ballot fraud in the UK, whilst allowing a UKIP spoiler party with a copycat name to confuse people in May's European Elections.

"The Parliamentary Ombudsman should seek to scrap the Electoral Commission at once and replace it with an organisation that is fit for purpose."

You can read the full findings from the Parliamentary Ombudsman here

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