Emergency legislation is needed to save the green belt

Published Apr 25, 2016

Cg4SZEnW4AAH2va.jpg_large.jpgIn light of compelling new evidence that the green belt is being eroded at the fastest pace in the last 20 years UKIP are calling for the government to expedite legislation ring fencing it from residential development. UKIP have consistently warned that the Tories have misled the public over their commitment to protect the British countryside and green belt.

Peter Whittle, UKIP’s London Mayoral candidate, speaking in Sidcup where he joined local campaigners fighting to save Old Park Farm, one of Bexley's few open spaces from council supported development said, "Due to the massive demand for house construction in London, planners are now making moves to build on our precious green belt areas, for example at Old Farm Park in Sidcup where I was this morning. This is simply unacceptable and will have a permanent detrimental effect on future generations of Londoners.

"The only real way to protect the green belt is to make it illegal for local authorities to grant planning permission which leads to homes being built on it. The green belt is one of our nation's greatest national treasures and neither this nor future governments have the right to deprive be future generations of it. The answer is to make it impossible to build on green belt whilst incentivising brownfield and other non-contentious developments."

Andrew Charalambous, UKIP's Housing and Environment Spokesman added: "We are the only party fully committed to preserving every inch of green belt from residential development. It's ironic that the government which wanted to be remembered as the greenest in history is presiding over the pouring of country on our green belt at the fastest pace in 20 years.

"Building on the green belt is not just about more homes, but about a government which is facilitating bigger profits for big business. This evidence proves government have gone way beyond their remit."

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