Employment up but wages stagnate: mass low skilled migration harms British workers

Published Mar 16, 2016

jane-collins.jpgToday's Office of National Statistics figures are showing the direct impact of mass low skilled inward migration from the European Union, says Jane Collins MEP, the UKIP employment spokesman.

UKIP Employment spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP called today's figures "direct proof that our membership of the EU has suppressed wages in the UK."

"Despite the government's desperate attempts to look like they are controlling immigration and fighting poverty and unemployment the official statistics today show that the people of Britain are just staffing fodder for big businesses who exploit the EU freedom of movement and the generosity of the UK social security systems.

"We heard recently from Sir Philip Rose that wages will rise should we vote to leave the EU and this is more demonstrable evidence.

"If British workers want a better standard of living as well as a better balance of payments then we need to leave this political union where only those who can afford to pay for lobbyists have their opinions counted. It's a simple matter of supply and demand."

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