Emwazi strike sends a message to IS terrorists they are never 'safe' no matter where they are

Published Nov 13, 2015

Mike_Hookem.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has welcomed news of a drone strike which is said to have killed Mohammed Emwazi, the terrorist know as 'Jihadi John', saying; "this sends a message to the terrorists and their supporters that no matter how safe they feel in their Syrian enclave, they can still be reached wherever they are."

But he stated that he did not believe that the killing was 'self defence' which the Prime Minister claimed it was.

"The only kind of self defence is to take out a target just prior to them launching action against your side," said Mr Hookem.

"What happened here was anti-IS forces taking out an enemy combatant: Mr Cameron shouldn't use the 'Tony Blair guide to International Law' because it is notoriously faulty.

Former soldier, Mr Hookem continued; "While some have criticised the use of drones to kill significant terrorists, I am not going to shed any tears at the death of this man who committed horrific crimes against aid workers, journalists and other innocents."

"Mohammed Emwazi allowed himself to be used as a propaganda tool by a group of barbarians and now his opponents are using his death in the same way.

"Emwazi gave IS the oxygen of publicity through his inhuman acts and it was imperative the forces opposed to IS acted to stop further killings by this vile man."

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