End to onshore wind farms subsidies welcomed

Published Jun 18, 2015

PaulNutall-new1.jpgThe end to new onshore wind farm subsidies from next April has been welcomed by UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall.

He said, "Wind power has never been the answer to Britain's energy needs and it is iniquitous that householders have been forced to contribute towards this madness.

"They have blighted some of our most beautiful countryside and sadly there are many more with planning permission waiting in the wings to add to this sacrilege."

"I am delighted that onshore wind farms will be excluded from this generous hand out scheme a year earlier than anticipated and hope that many of the estimated 3,000 schemes awaiting planning permission will now wither on the vine with the funding tap turned off.

"These subsidies benefit wealthy developers and investors and penalise energy users. Many householders are struggling to make ends meet while the fat cats just get fatter.

"We are all held to ransom through levies on our fuel bills to meet ridiculous renewables targets and these levies should be reduced from April in line with the subsidy cut. But I dare say I'll just be whistling in the wind with that hope.

"And let's not forget off shore wind farms which are also ugly eye sores and equally as useless and their subsidies should also be scrapped," added Mr Nuttall.

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