Ernie Warrender appointed Small Business Spokesman

Published Dec 01, 2016

ErnieWarrenderRole.jpgErnie Warrender said, "I am absolutely delighted at being appointed UKIP Spokesman for Small Business, the Engine Room of The British Economy.

"Whilst firmly believing that small business is beautiful, my ambitions for this sector are large. I am passionately concerned about building the UK into a Global powerhouse, creating 1000s of jobs for youngsters, ensuring there are equal opportunities for women and making sure the UK becomes an 'Economic Powerhouse of the world' in the 21st Century. This will be achieved, in no small part, by SME companies and as the only national political spokesman for Small Business, representing a committed Brexit voice of the future, not a committed Remain voice of the past, I will ensure this voice is heard on behalf of all UK Small Businesses."

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said, "Small businesses are the life-blood of the British economy. Having run small businesses since the age of 20 and now employing over 100 people, Ernie knows first-hand what helps and hinders small business creation and growth."

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