Essex slashes Police

Published Oct 06, 2015

Tim_hi_res_photo_2015.jpgUKIP East of England MEP and Thurrock Councillor, Tim Aker said: "The announcement that government is slashing 25% of the police budget for Essex over the next five years goes to show how messed up their priories are.

"While this Conservative government has proudly announced that they have increased our foreign aid to over £12bn a year, we are seeing people in this country suffering.

"Last month it was announced that reports of anti social behaviour were not being dealt with 97% of the the time as the police were understaffed. With more rigorous staff cuts set across the next five years we are all worried how many other areas of crime will be ignored in future, leaving residents to suffer.

"In December we had Lincolnshire police service announce that it could go 'bankrupt', if the government continued its ideological drive to slash services, we will have to wonder if Essex police service will be able to continue."

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