EU Army biggest threat to the security of the Falklands - UKIP Defence Spokesman speaks out after Defence Secretary visits the Falklands

Published Feb 17, 2016

MH_Navy_lrg.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has today said that the biggest threat to the security of the Falkland Islands was the continued push for the creation of a combined EU army, which “some groups” in the European parliament are pushing for by 2025.

Mr Hookem’s comments come after the defence secretary Michael Fallon stated during a visit to the islands yesterday, that the biggest threat to the Falklands security was Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking from Brussels, Mr Hookem said, “While Jeremy Corbyn’s ideas on defence and security have the potential to seriously damage to the scope of action and capability of the UK’s armed forces, the creation of a combined EU army would leave the Falkland Islands wide open for the Argentinians to simply walk back in.”

“Can you see the French – who were happy to supply the Argentinians with Exocet anti-ship missiles and Mirage fighter jets – or the German’s allowing EU troops to be sent in defence of the Falklands? I certainly don’t think so!”

“While I am pleased to hear the defence secretary reaffirming a commitment to spend £180m upgrading the Falkland Islands defences, this in no way makes up for years of under-investment.”

“If we are to abide by the wishes of the vast majority of the Islanders to remain British, then we need our own, independent armed forces that are equipped and able to respond to threats to British interests anywhere in the world.”

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