EU Asylum figures leap

Published Dec 10, 2015

Diane_James.jpgEurostat the EU statistics agency has released figures showing record hikes in asylum applications in the last quarter. These figures show 410,000 people have claimed asylum in the EU between August and September including a 60% increase for the UK.

Diane James MEP, the UKIP Home Affairs Spokesman said, "These figures are enormous and extraordinary. They are a direct result of Mrs Merkel's siren call to peoples to come to the EU."

"The equivalent of a 'Migrant's Pandora's box' has been opened and unleashed. The vast majority may well be genuine asylum seekers but there is clearly going to be a significant number masquerading as such.

"Germany amongst other EU states have speedied up asylum processing to cope with issues at EU borders. This heightened the concerns as to whether all are genuine and sincere.

"The pressure is now being felt by the UK. Cameron's pledge on migrant control and his agreement to accept 20000 Syrian refugees will now be severely tested. Once again one of his many pledges is in tatters and whilst he may express 'extenuating circumstances' he is now caught in the same trap as Merkel i.e. victim of his own policy and its consequences.

She continued,"This human tide is not going to cease in the short to mid term. The winter months may see a slight fall only for a huge increase to start again in Spring 2016.

"Finally - where are they going to go? More forced quotas on EU member states by Mrs Merkel - let's hope not.

"But wherever they land up, many will come to the UK lawfully or not and the pressure on local authorities to accommodate and assimilate will be unimaginable".

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