EU chooses nuclear option by ramming mandatory migrant quotas upon national governments

Published Sep 23, 2015

JaneCollins.jpgSpeaking at the edges of the European Council Summit this afternoon in Brussels, UKIP MEP Jane Collins said: "EU ministers have chosen the nuclear option by ramming mandatory quotas upon national governments of the East against their will. This will cause deep resentment in these states and make the EU even more unpopular.

"The UK is financial liable for part of this project but has no say. Regarding the migrant crisis, it's all pay and no say.

"This is another unacceptable part of EU membership. We know that many migrants in France come across to the UK via Calais. So I would like to ask: What mechanism if any has the EU put in place to ensure that migrants distributed to EU Member States via the quota system will stay within the country allocated when that country is in the Schengen area?

"According to the UNHCR there are 60 million refugees at any one time. That is one in every 122 people. Are you seriously saying that the EU should accept them all?

"The Slovakian PM said that EU leaders not telling people the truth – 95% migrants to the EU are economic migrants. Mass immigration suppresses wages and job security for the low paid.

"Mass migration of this magnitude also poses a serious security threat. ISIS will use it to build a base of activists and Saudi Arabia are happy to change our European Christian based culture by flooding the continent with people from a different culture who refuse to integrate into our way of life.

"So for economic, security, cultural and democratic reasons UKIP are opposed to this system of mandatory quotas. "

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