EU Commission preparing to use Med Migration crisis to ambush member nation states with plans for a common asylum policy

Published May 11, 2015

Steven Woolfe MEP, UKIP Migration spokesman: "UKIP warned during the election campaign that the EU Commission was preparing to use the Med Migration crisis to ambush member nation states with their plans for a common asylum policy. Far from negotiating on the free movement of people with the new British government, the Commission is determined to gain greater control of migration and asylum matters within the EU. Just as we predicted the Prime Minister finds himself on the back foot on migration matters before he even gets to the starting line for changes to UK membership.

"Dispersing these Migrants and Asylum seekers across member states will only encourage more economic refugees from Africa to try to make the trip. For Britain this is a national security issue. Notwithstanding the fact that ISIS have announced they will infiltrate these migrants with their own Jihadists, Britian is by far the destination that most economic migrants want to live. By enticing more to make the trip by giving asylum to economic migrants, Britian's borders will come under even more pressure. As we have repeatedly said the solution to Med Migration is to stop the illegal people taffickers at source"

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