EU Commission Work and Investment Programme based on fantasy economics


Warming to the Christmas spirit, UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP lampooned Commission President Juncker about this proposed EU investment fund which will be leveraged 15 times.

In a debate today in the European Parliament Paul Nuttall MEP said: "The central feature of the agenda is Mr Juncker's investment plan where somehow he is going to magically turn 21 billion euro into 300 billion euro. Well now to get into to festive spirit, it reminds me of the Pogues classic song 'A Fairy Tale in New York' because what we are witnessing here today is 'A Fairy Tale in Strasbourg'.

Now, Mr Juncker, I know you like a drink and cigarette, and like me I'm guessing you're a betting man, or to coin a British phrase, you 'like a flutter on the horses.'

So I've come up with a more realistic plan for you to increase your money fifteen times over.

At the Ludlow Racecourse at 3 o'clock this afternoon a race called the European Breeder's Fund is taking place and there's the perfect horse for you pricing at 15 to 1, it's called 'Dream'."

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