EU Commissioner says migration crisis "will be with us for decades"

Published Jul 05, 2017

UKIP Home Affairs spokesman Jane Collins MEP said Commissioner Timmermans "needed to listen to the Australians if he was serious about 'breaking the business model of people traffickers'."

Speaking in Strasbourg this morning, the Commissioner admitted migration was a “challenge that is going to be with us for quite some time: Decades.”

But he appeared to be contining with the 'community' response to the crisis, saying “We cannot leave Italy alone in this: everybody should do their part.”

Ms Collins said the EU "are still not grasping that we need to be turning boats back in the Mediteranean if we want to achieve either of those things.

"This is what Australia did, and it worked and they have told us to learn from their experiences.

"Even Bill Clinton has spoken out saying Germany will not be able to handled the 'huge' numbers of migrants waiting to leave Africa and find a better life overseas and neither can the UK, Austria or Sweden. It is unfair on people here struggling with housing, jobs and making ends meet and it is not fair on genuine asylum seekers living in mafia controlled camps in Jordan and Lebanon.

"The EU need to take their head out of the sand and realise their virtue signalling policy of letting anyone into the EU is not only bad for people here it's also bad for Africa.

"The Government must take heed of today's message and ramp up our border security including more patrol boats, more border staff and removing us from the jurisdiction of the ECHR and the ECJ."

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