EU common tax base proposal a power grab over national tax system

Published Sep 09, 2016

Steven_Woolfe.jpegCommissioner Moscovici said today in Bratislava that he would introduce a Common Tax Base system throughout the EU (a CCCTB) responding UKIP Finance Spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP said: "While EU Treaty law says that the EU has no competence whatsoever on direct taxation, it is clear the EU will use the CCCTB to carry out a power grab over national corporate tax regimes via the back door.
"If you change which countries receive the corporate tax, you also change their tax take, and put fiscal pressure on them to change their rates.

"As former Irish Commissioner Charlie McCreevy correctly noted: "the claim that the CCCTB would have no impact on tax rates is 'unsustainable'."
"Its looks as if Great Britain just got out of the EU in time, but it is now other countries, still remaining in, which will suffer most from fiscal interference by the EU."

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