EU court ruling on energy-saving about accumulating more money for EU and showing power over VAT system

Published Jun 04, 2015

UKIP MEP Roger Helmer has hammered a ruling by the European Court of Justice today banning Britain from cutting VAT on energy-saving materials.

The infringement judgment from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg said Britain was breaching the EU's VAT Directive by applying a reduction across board in the rate of VAT applied to energy-saving materials for housing. The ECJ judges who have final decision on the application of EU law said such a reduction should only apply to social housing.

UKIP Energy spokesman, Roger Helmer MEP responded: “This is simply ridiculous beyond belief. While the EU claims it wants to reduce energy consumption, this judgement shows what the EU ‘really really wants’ is to increase its take from the VAT system from which it takes a portion of every transaction. In addition, this decision demonstrates that it’s the EU rather than the British Government which has final say over the rate and scope of the VAT system.

“Not content with banning tungsten light bulbs previously, the EU wants to make it more expensive for ordinary people to save energy and money in their own homes. The upcoming EU referendum will allow the UK to put its own house in order and the EU in its place.”

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