EU energy policy helps put 1.5 million UK jobs at risk and has cost the economy up to £93.2bn


images.jpgNew research from Business for Britain reveals that EU energy regulations have cost the UK economy between £86.6 billion and £93.2 billion (net) so far, putting 1.5 million jobs are at risk thanks to high energy prices.

Responding to the research UKIP spokesman on energy and industry Roger Helmer said: "The current UK/EU policy damages our economy, drives investors abroad and undermines our competitiveness - it also fails to have any significant beneficial effect on our environment.

"UKIP's policies on energy are clear and certainly more realistic than what passes for policy in Brussels and Westminster. We would deliver secure and affordable energy which we need both for domestic consumers and our economy in general. The current policies are broken and are not good for Britain."

Mr Helmer said UKIP would cancel all renewable subsidies and feed-in tariffs, stop wind farm developments, tell Brussels we are keeping our coal-fired power stations and urgently assess shale gas potential.

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