EU force the UK to put contracts for defence materials and construction out to tender

Published Jan 28, 2016


UKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has branded the decision to import 5,000 tonnes of steel for use in construction of the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers, while thousands of British steelworkers face a life on benefits, as “a national disgrace”; saying, “while Labour shout about job losses in the steel industry, their wholehearted support for the EU project reveals their true colours.”

Speaking from the European parliament in Brussels, Mr Hookem said, “While it is infuriating that British warships are now being built with foreign steel, it comes as no surprise.”

EU Directive 2009/81/EC on the award of contracts in the fields of defence and security, states, “all measures taken by Member States and contracting authorities/entities must comply with the fundamental freedoms and the basic principles of EU Law”; which in short means we cannot build anything for the British military without putting the contracts for materials and construction out to tender across the whole of the EU first.”

“While the Labour Party talk the talk when it comes to protecting British steel jobs, they certainly don’t walk the walk.”

“Labour has been very quick to blame the government for the thousands of redundancies in the British steel industry, and in highlighting that our newest warships are being built using foreign steel, but at the same time they are careful not to mention the EU legislation that creates this situation in the first place.”

“For me, the Labour party are just as much to blame for this situation as the government through their wholehearted support for the failing EU project.”

“British steel is renowned around the world for its quality and has been used to build Royal Navy ships for generations. It totally staggers me that now due to EU rules we have to lay our own workers off while contracts to supply materials are given to foreign firms.”

“This once again proves that we need to vote to leave the EU and reclaim our industry from a dictatorship that is determined to share out the spoils of this once great nation among the favoured members of the EU club.”

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