EU funded CBI wrong on job losses from Brexit

Published Mar 21, 2016

jane-collins.jpgUKIP Employment spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP has slammed the CBI for declaring that Brexit could cost nearly 1million jobs, saying the predictions were "more at home in the script a Hollywood flop than in serious political debate."

"The CBI receives money from the EU and has been pushing Project Fear on behalf of Brussels and big business for years: these skewed statistics are nothing new.

"And the CBI has a track record of being wrong on the EU: They wanted Britain to join the Euro not so long ago and even the most economically illiterate europhiles realise what a disaster that would have been," she said.

"With our balance of payments, this disaster scenario of huge trade tariffs is simply not going to happen. But what will happen is that instead of being chained up in a declining global trading bloc we can engage with the rest of the world again including the booming economies of South America and Asia.

"Big business loves the EU: it provides cheap labour subsidised by the tax payer thanks to open borders and puts up barriers to entry for markets, stopping competitors entering the market and lowering prices for consumers.

"As for rising unemployment, I can only imagine that Carolyn Fairbairn was holding the graph upside down. Saying ''x million jobs in the UK are involved in exports so x million will go if we leave the EU" is like saying "Daffodils are yellow and so is the sun so the sun is made of daffodils"

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