EU ministers force through refugee quota plan

Published Sep 22, 2015

JaneCollins.jpgResponding to the ministerial agreement on mandatory quotas, UKIP MEP Jane Collins said "there is now no escaping the fact that immigration will be decided by Brussels."

"What we have witnessed today is four countries who wish to control who settles in their country being outvoted by foreign governments.

"Brussels have taken another giant step into territory which should be the sole right of national governments to decide upon.

"In the UK we know that politicians are out of sync with what the public want to happen about the migrant crisis and EU leaders are no different.

"The EU already have their Common Asylum and Immigration policy ready to go for next year and as we head into this referendum campaign we should keep this in the forefront of our mind in deciding whether we want to control who comes to live in our own country.

"The best policy would be to help genuine refugees in the camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, ending the demand for the people traffickers and stopping deaths at sea."

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