EU referendum campaign: 300 meetings and counting

Published Sep 04, 2015

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage today launched UKIP's national campaign to fight for Britain to regain its ability to govern itself and by doing so regain control of its borders.

At a packed Westminster meeting in front of the world's press Mr Farage said, "The campaign for Britain to leave the EU has started and is launching today. This is the largest outreach campaign in the history of Euroscepticism."

He pointed out that since the election UKIP had been working hard to ensure the localised infrastructure to ensure its campaign could reach the parts of Britain that have been long ignored by the mainstream political elite.

"In every region", he said "we have a regional Referendum co-ordinator. So far we have already planned 300 meetings, across the length and breadth of the country, in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, from Working Man's clubs to multi, thousand seater arenas."

"Many of these meetings will be live streamed, because to win the campaign, we must leave Westminster and become accessible to everybody in the country".

Find out more about these meetings here.

So far UKIP activists have, since July, delivered 3 million leaflets and another 3 million are being printed to be delivered before Christmas".

"UKIP are ready for this fight, and we urge all, from whatever political background, who believe. Democracy to take part. The meetings are booked, come along".

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