EU's energy efficiency paradox

Published Jun 08, 2015

Andrew_Charalambous.jpgIn a devastating judgement affecting the cost of energy efficiency in homes, the European Court of Justice last week forbade the UK from rating energy efficiency items at 5%, but instead demanded that they be rated at a much higher 20% for all bar social housing.

Andrew Charalambous, the UKIP housing spokesman said, "On one hand the EU is pressing for greater energy efficiency on the other it is making the cost of energy efficiency much greater.

"The real loser is the British tenant, because in reality this added cost will translate into higher rents. You cannot apply uniformity across countries who do not enjoy uniform circumstances. There is no logical reason why the UK needs to increase the level of VAT for energy efficiency products simply to stay in line with other countries who themselves have completely different private rental markets."

"UKIP believe that a thriving private rented sector is fundamental to tackling surging homelessness and combating our epic housing crisis. The way to control rents and ensure greater choice in the private rental sector is to liberate it from unnecessary costs and over regulation and we are the only party intending to do that."

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