EU students remove £400 million from the Education pot

Published Mar 02, 2017

DavidKurtenWeb.jpgDavid Kurten AM, UKIP's Education Spokesman, responded to today's figures produced by the Student Loan Company which show that £400 million of student loans given to EU national students is never repaid.

He said, “The scandal of EU students taking student loans from the British taxpayer and returning home without paying has gone on for years. It has been known for some time that 25% of EU students do not pay back a penny of their student loans, and no-one from consecutive incompetent governments has done anything about it.

"The scale of this scandal has now been revealed at over £400 million. UKIP have been saying for years that all students who are foreign nationals, including those from the EU, should pay their own University fees up front if they are studying in Britain. This is simple common sense.

"This is money which should all have been recovered, and could have paid for 15 brand new secondary schools. There is no excuse for this waste to continue: British money should be spent first on British people and services in this country, particularly in skills training for young people which has been neglected for far too long.“

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