EU 'youth guarantee' has become 'guaranteed failure'


UKIP MEP for the North East Jonathan Arnott used his maiden speech in the European Parliament this morning to tackle one of the North East’s major issues, Youth Unemployment.

Arnott criticised the region's Labour MEPs' continued support of the EU's flagship Youth Guarantee Scheme labelling the project as a 'guaranteed failure' - and his speech can be watched here:

The Youth Guarantee scheme ensures that all young people under 25 should be either offered a job, apprenticeship, traineeship, or continued education within 4 months of them leaving formal education or becoming unemployed.

However, The International Labour Organisation have previously criticised the £4.7 billion of taxpayers' money to fund the scheme as too ineffective.

Following the speech Arnott said "In the North East of England, almost one in four young people are unemployed. Our manufacturing industry which was once the powerhouse of the region has been decimated, and it is European Union legislation which prevents us from being competitive once more”.

Arnott added "Labour MEPs for the region speak as though the Youth Guarantee Scheme would be the answer to the North East's problems. The reality is the scheme would only suit big business that could hire young interns at cheap rates - creating an even larger youth unemployment trap. Labour's idea of reducing youth unemployment is sending numerous sums of taxpayer’s cash to bureaucrats in Brussels to waste on inadequate schemes. I would much rather see funds and support given to regional charities and social enterprises, which have a proven track record of training unemployed youngsters with skills to secure long term employment”.

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