European Council wants to have its cake and eat it on Brexit guidelines - UKIP (Batten and Farage)

Published Mar 07, 2018

UKIP Interim leader Gerard Batten MEP said in response to Donald Tusk's speech today:

"The EU wants to have its cake and to eat it. Their published guidelines today should be unacceptable to the British government and to the 17.4 million people who voted leave. It is clearly not in the national interest to accept a free trade deal which does not involve financial services."

"It is incredible beyond belief that the EU has the gall to ask for free access to British fishing waters once we have left the EU. They want our money and our fisheries – this is completely unacceptable."

Also responding to the EU’s draft guidelines for a post-Brexit trade deal, Nigel Farage MEP said:

“Unless we take back full ownership and control of our waters, Brexit will have been betrayed. Our coastal fishing communities have this one last chance. Time for Mrs May to handbag Barnier and say we will take our waters back. This is the acid test of Brexit.”

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