Even pro-European Tories now admit the truth. You cannot control immigration while we are in the EU


jqcPBsPM.jpegResponding to skills and equalities minister Nick Boles' comments in this morning’s FT that the government’s approach to immigration is damaging Britain’s global competitiveness, Steven Woolfe MEP said:

“Nick Boles' comments reveal the shambolic thinking of the Conservative Party on migration. They really do seem to be making it up as they go along in response to the well-thought through UKIP migration policy that I outlined at our Doncaster Conference.

“On the one hand you have government ministers saying that we are being ‘swamped’ with immigrants and now, on the other, a minister is saying that our immigration system is too hard. In fact what is clear is that the government’s confusion about migration policy and their ineffectual application of existing rules around illegal immigration is making Britain a target for organised people trafficking.

"The points based system - similar to Australia’s - that UKIP is proposing will make it easy for people to understand how you can come to Britain legally. Unless of course, Mr Boles wants to suggest that this is also deterring talented migrants from going to Australia.

“All of this Tory confusion is a result of their European policy. You can’t be ‘In’ the EU and properly control the movement of people. In reality, the only way to reduce illegal immigration into the UK and to boost the numbers of talented migrants is to withdraw from the European Union and negotiate new rules for the movement of people into our independent country on our way out." 

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