Exposed! Lib Dem oft-repeated lie about 3m job losses if UK leaves EU



UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall has welcomed the evidence exposing flaws in the claims made by Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander over huge job losses facing Britain if it leaves the EU.

They have often claimed that 3 million jobs would be at risk and Mr Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said in June this year, that 'the latest Treasury analysis shows that 3.3 million British jobs are connected to Britain’s place in Europe'.

But Mr Nuttall said today: "However, Treasury officials have confirmed that the figure 'is not an estimate of the impact of EU membership on employment'."

"And this is not new analysis at all. Research by Open Europe has revealed Mr Alexander's remarks are based on imprecise and simplistic methodology more than 10 years old and cited countless times before.

"There is no doubt that UK would continue to export to the EU after withdrawal from it and the alleged 3 million jobs loss bandied around by Europhiles such as the Lib Dems is nothing more than inaccurate scaremongering.

“We live in a global market, and no one believes that if we left the EU companies like Renault would stop selling their cars here and sack the dealership staff, yet that is what Clegg’s figures assume. Likewise, France's population aren’t going to stop buying our goods and services.

"Britain desperately needs to leave and regain its sovereignty and ensure a prosperous future freed from the EU rules and regulations hampering business and growth," said Mr Nuttall.

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