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Deny UK entry to foreign criminals - Diane James MEP

Borders should mean Borders AND Border Control should deliver what it says. EU membership ensures that if you have a EU passport, the UK cannot deny you entry. In some instances the UK Border Force may have some knowledge of an individuals criminal past but even then, unless the passport is checked, profile doublechecked then the individual can still gain entry and take up residence in the UK.

Even if they commit another crime on UK territory, the UK is unable to deport them if they evoke Human Rights legistlation under the ECHR

Regain control of our borders - Diane James MEP

Borders should mean Borders AND Border Control should deliver what it says. The first obligation for a national govt is to emsure the security of its citizens. Border control is the the first step towards this obligation. Delegating to the EU failed border control resource Frontex is not an option and is an irresponsible action on behalf of a national govt.

EU membership means the UK has lost the capability to police and control UK Borders, coastline and points of entry. Brexit would allow the UK to retake control in these key areas and secure citizen safety.

Get immigration down to sensible levels - Tim Aker MEP

Only by leaving the EU can we get immigration down to sensible levels. The first two words on the British passport are ‘European Union’, thats because they are the people that have control over our borders and entitles any of the 500 million EU citizens carrying it to enter the UK.

The Conservatives have completely given up on trying to control the numbers of people coming into this country. They promised time and time again to get net immigration down to the tens of thousands and they have no plans whatsoever to control immigration. Now we know no one can trust David Cameron and the Conservatives.

At last the establishment politicians such as Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are catching up with what Nigel Farage and UKIP have been saying for years. We have been attacked by an out of touch political class but we have been right all along. UKIP is the only party that will look after our borders.

The longer open door immigration continues, the greater the pressures on the NHS, school places and our housing stock. Britain can take back control of our borders on June 23rd and vote to Leave the EU.

Safeguard the NHS - Louise Bours MEP

Our NHS is under threat not just from uncontrolled immigration making it impossible to plan from one year to the next, but also by the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) that the EU want to sign with the USA.

It would mean that large health corporations from USA could buy-up and make a profit out of our health service, and would have a huge influence in how our NHS is run.

Make Britain a self-governing nation again - Patrick O'Flynn MEP

Around 60% of our laws and regulations originate in Brussels - where they are put forward by unelected EU Commissioners who we cannot remove.

A nation like Britain should not have to beg for permission from a foreign bureaucracy to remove VAT from tampons or intervene to protect the jobs of steel workers.

We need to leave the EU to take back control and restore accountability to our political processes.

Women increasingly believe the EU is bad for Britain - Jane Collins MEP

The EU is like your mother coming to visit your house, criticising everything you do, but without the usual light at the end of the tunnel of them going home after a few days.

EU fraud was £675 million last year - Jonathon Arnott MEP

The figure of £675 million per year of EU funds being spent fraudulently is a considerable underestimate. No-one knows or can calculate the true figure.

The figure itself comes from the OLAF (the European anti-fraud office) and is published in the OLAF report 2015. The report states: “Through its recommendations, OLAF creates the conditions for inappropriately spent EU funds to be recovered to the EU budget. In 2015, the Office issued 364 recommendations to the relevant EU and national authorities and recommended the financial recovery of €888 million.”

The OLAF report can be found online at

Why, then, is £675 million an underestimate for the levels of fraud in the European Union budget? The £675m/€888m figure refers only to detected fraud for which OLAF recommended that funds be recovered.

We know from official EU statistics that the overall error rate in the EU budget is likely to be some eight times higher than this, but there is nowhere near enough scrutiny of the EU budget to be able to even scratch the surface of finding all fraud.
Not all of the detected fraud actually resulted in a requirement for the money to be repaid.

Much EU funding is spent in a way which cannot be reclaimed from the member states if there is evidence of wrongdoing. For example, a lot of expenditure in third countries may not be reclaimable.

Any estimate of the true level of fraud within the EU budget would not be evidence-based, but we can confidently say that it is at least £675 million per year.

Stop criminals exploiting European human rights loopholes - Jim Carver MEP

The Prime Minister pretends that our EU membership make us more secure but only a vote to LEAVE gives us proper control of our borders, and the ability to remove EU nationals, convicted of criminal offences - we can only restore the sovereignty of our parliament and our courts, by leaving the EU.

Once in a generation chance to reclaim independence  - Steven Woolfe MEP

This referendum is about Democracy. Great ideas, radical policies are products of the democratic system. This is our first and only chance in a generation to take back control over so many aspects of our lives. If we don’t vote leave then we will keep sending at least £350 million a week abroad, immigration will continue out of control putting public services like the NHS under strain and the European Court will be in charge of our borders, immigration, asylum and even our intelligence services.

We’ll never be given such a golden opportunity to take back control over our borders, as currently we see a quarter of a million EU migrants come here every year – a city the size of Newcastle. This is quite simply unsustainable. This puts a huge strain on public services like the NHS, schools and housing, the only way we can control immigration and implement a fair, Australian style points based system.

Vote Leave on the 23rd June to take back control of Great Britain.

Economy will boom outside the EU - Bill Etheridge MEP

UKIP believes in Britain and I firmly believe that our economy will boom outside of the EU.

We would be free from the shackles of the dictatorial and interfering EU which stifles us with unnecessary, burdensome and costly diktats and red tape that puts a stranglehold on business, enterprise and innovation.

Thanks to Brussels’ bureaucrats we are not able to agree our own Free Trade Agreements which would enable Britain to trade with the wider world and put own interests first.

Our taxpayers’ cash should be spent on British citizens first and not be squandered by the EU.

The scandalous and fraudulent waste of the EU is staggering when we see at the same time savage and painful cuts to frontline services at home. It just doesn't make sense!

Britain continues to bail out other nations such as Greece when we have food banks and ex-service personnel now living rough on our streets.

UKIP believes in Britain. By leaving the EU we can we can be a free nation once more. Britain is a great nation. By leaving the EU we can be a free nation once more.

Quite simply, we can only become a freer, more democratic and I believe more prosperous country by leaving the European Union.

On June 23 let us stand up for Britain and for trade and business by leaving the EU. It's time to get our country back.

Let us make June 23 UK Independence Day and truly trade with the world.

Create a fair migration policy - Nigel Farage MEP

EU rules dictate that everybody from the EU has an untrammelled right to come to and reside in the UK. This means an extra million EU citizens coming to live here every three years. At the moment we have No control over this.

The EU discriminates against well qualified workers and families from outside the EU. If we vote to leave the EU we can control the numbers and the qualifications of the people that come here. That would mean that more people from outside the EU, for example those from Commonwealth countries would have a fairer chance to come and work in our country.

An Australian-style points system would assess people on their abilities and what they could contribute to the UK rather than just where they born and which passport they hold.

The 5th largest economy in the world will thrive - Paul Nuttall MEP

When we joined the EU we were the fifth largest economy in the world, and we are still the fifth largest economy in the world.

The Scaremongers that say Britain would become isolated, are doing just that – scaremongering.

We would be freer to make trade deals with countries all over the world, including our friends in the commonwealth, without having to get permission from Brussels first.

The EU is now the slowest growing trading block on the planet, let’s get out there, trade with the world, and thrive.

Keep an independent British military - Mike Hookem MEP

The EU has made no secret of the fact it wants a single EU military, with some calling for the deadline to be 2025. The only way we can stop these plans to subsume our proud Armed Forces and ensure we are a sovereign country with the ability to defend our borders is by voting for Brexit.

We do not want to be dragged into foreign wars at the command of the European Commission. Our troops swear an oath of loyalty to Her Majesty not President Juncker, and this is how it must stay. If you believe in our Armed Forces and those who make the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom and liberty of this country and its people we must vote to leave on June 23rd.

Watch The Oath here and Welcome to the EU Army here

Get rid of the unjust 'Tampon Tax' - Louise Bours MEP

Believe it or not, tampons and other sanitary products are considered a luxury, and the EU will not let our own government abolish VAT on them.

We should be able to decide for ourselves what items have VAT put on them, and there is no clearer example than this ridiculous tax, to illustrate why. The British people are against this tax, even the government are against this tax, but it stays, as long as we stay in the EU.

Control our rivers, waterways and seas - David Coburn MEP

Only by leaving the EU can we regain our 200 mile fishing grounds which are currently being plundered by the Spanish Fishing Fleet.

This will create much needed jobs in Scotland and the rest of the UK, not only in the Fishing industry itself but also on our land processing our fish which are currently processed in Spain benefiting their economy and not ours.

We must make decisions about dredging our rivers here in Scotland and the rest of the UK especially following the dreadful floods which devastated so many towns. Policies on river dredging which may suit sunny dry Sardinia do not necessarily translate well to rain soaked and flooded Scotland

Decisions on these matters should be made in Holyrood and Westminster not Brussels and Strasbourg.

Fisheries will boom - Ray Finch MEP

The tragedy of the fisheries sector in the UK was one of the most egregious examples of the utterly supine attitude of the Heath government in the accession talks.

The inauguration of the Common Fisheries Policy was a mere 6 hours before the UK talks started. Even the Civil Servant in charge of the talks, Con O´Neill, stated that he thought the fisheries sector got a terrible deal. The UK only gets a small proportion of the total available quota for our own historic waters. Our coastal communities have suffered horribly and are amongst the poorest areas in our nation and a return to UK sovereignty over our seas would help to regenerate those communities and improve, not just the fisheries sector, but also tourism and the general wellbeing of the coast of the United Kingdom.

We need to get our fisheries back. They are an integral part of our sovereignty and nationhood.

Taxpayers’ cash spent on British citizens first - Bill Etheridge MEP

It is time that taxpayers cash is spent on British citizens first. Is it right to send millions of pounds a day to the unaccountable and anti-democratic EU when we have food banks in this country?

Get away from unelected EU decision- makers - Nathan Gill MEP

I believe in democracy and accountability, I believe we should have the power to vote out those who govern us every 4-5 years. While we are in the EU we live under the illusion of democracy where our so called “EU Parliament” is the only parliament (other than North Korea) in the world which cannot propose primary legislation.

The reality is that the EU Commission ruled by 28 unelected EU Commissioners dictate our laws through endless autocratic and bureaucratic EU directives which local governments under the EU are forced to follow.

We must vote to leave the EU to get away from unelected EU decision makers. Our forefathers fought for our freedom and democracy from tyranny and dictatorship in Europe in two World Wars, from the chartists to the suffragettes, thousands have fought and died throughout history for our sovereignty and our right to vote for those who govern us.

Why now give that away? If you believe in the democracy and sovereignty of the United Kingdom then vote Leave on June 23rd.

Free from the EU we will be in control of OUR OWN destiny - Julia Reid MEP

Sadly we in the UK are not in control of our destiny as successive UK governments have given away our sovereignty along with the ability to govern ourselves. BREXIT will not mean that we are turning our backs on our near neighbours, who we will still want to trade and be friends with, but it will give us the freedom to turn our face to the world.

We are told that a vote to leave is a vote for uncertainty but in truth it is uncertain as to what will happen should we vote to Remain. By contrast, if we vote to leave it is certain that once again we can vote for a government that makes law for us, and if we don’t like those laws we can vote them out. We cannot vote out the unelected Eurocrats in Brussels. There are many reasons why we should vote to leave but the most important one is that on leaving the EU, Britain would once again become an independent, sovereign, self-governing nation.

Restore power to elected public servants - Jill Seymour MEP

I believe this Referendum is the most crucial decision we have all got to make for the sake of our future generations.

I believe this Referendum is the most crucial decision we have all got to make for the sake of our future generations.

As an MEP I see at first hand why we need to;

• Restore power to the UK so we can control our own Borders.
• Restore power so we can make our own laws.
• Restore our ability to trade with the World.

Our membership fee to the EU is a cost that should be redirected back into our Local services, our NHS, our Veterans, our Young, our Farmers, our Road Infrastructure and so much more.

Our cost to the EU (where some of this money goes):

• 2.4 BILLION - In VAT paid direct to Brussels.
• 1.7 BILLION - "Punishment for success" because we had higher growth than expected.
• 642 MILLION - Fine for "poor Accounting" on Farm Subsidies.
• 1 BILLION - Towards Bail-Out of Greece
• 150 MILLION - Fine for not flying the EU flag on projects partly funded by the EU.
• 300 MILLION - Fine a year until we meet Pollution targets set out by the EU.
• 900 MILLION - A Year to treat EU tourists.
• 22 BILLION - To boost the French economy.
• 300 MILLION - Costs to businesses for EU Red Tape.
• 40 MILLION - In lost revenue in EU student Loans which are unpaid
• 250 MILLION - Towards helping with costs of migrant crisis in Europe.


Due To the EU Water Directive which makes it virtually impossible to dredge rivers flooding which has cost the UK and insurance companies MILLIONS.The UK has on our Energy Bills 5% VAT which is a higher costs than any other European country.

Finally we are constantly informed that we will lose if we LEAVE. What about our manufacturing industry and jobs we have lost whilst being part of the EU? - Cotton, Fishing, Agriculture, Steel and so much more.

So it is not what we will lose but look at how much we will gain by LEAVING the EU, putting our people and Country first.
We must restore Democracy, Freedom and Independence on June 23rd. VOTE LEAVE


Free business from EU red tape - Margot Parker MEP

We are a nation of shop-keepers. There are 5.3 million small businesses in the United Kingdom, employing 15.6 million people. Small businesses are crucial to our economy, our communities and our society – their success determines the success of our country.

Despite their importance, our small businesses are not operating in a situation which would allow them to reach their full potential, to create as many jobs as they might, to grow and prosper as well as they should.
Only one in twenty small businesses export to the EU, but every single one of them has to comply with EU regulations. The costs of administering this compliance is enormous – up to ten times as much per employee for a small business compared to a large one.

The sheer volume of rules and diktats coming from the EU can overwhelm small businesses and start-ups with limited resources available, not to mention take up time and money that could be better used in a large number of better ways to help that business succeed.

The EU has always been about big business and corporations, never about smaller businesses. Free from the suffocating grasp of endless EU legislation we would be free to do what British businesses do best – innovate, create, expand and prosper.

Renew links to our Commonwealth friends - Jim Carver MEP

Our EU membership prevents us making make our own trade deals, with their permission. It's time to renew our links with our Commonwealth cousins – the world is our oyster!

Lower energy prices and scrapping 'green' taxes - Roger Helmer MEP

Currently our energy policy is subject to EU rules and targets, which are resulting in the closure of viable and economic power stations, and denying us the secure and affordable energy we need.  After Brexit, our parliament will be able to adopt a rational energy policy to deliver lower prices to consumers, and ensure competitiveness for industry.

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