Fair play for EU migrants say UKIP

Published Dec 12, 2016

JohnBickleyPortrait.jpegJohn Bickley the UKIP Immigration Spokesman has called for clarity and fair play in the discussion of EU immigration rights.

He said, "UKIP believes in the widely admired British value of 'fair play' and to that end will not be seeking the return of EU citizens legally settled in the UK before the June 23rd EU Referendum after we leave the EU.

"The Prime Minister has made it clear that Article 50 will be triggered by March 2017. UKIP has no reason to believe that the number of EU migrants coming to the UK between the Referendum date (June 23rd 2016) and March 2017 will exceed historical averages, however UKIP reserves the right to review their right to stay here after we leave the EU because it's important that the UK government doesn't repeat the mistake made the German Chancellor, who gave the impression that 'all' migrants were welcome to Germany & the EU. By creating a March 2017 'sell by date' the government may unwittingly fuel unsustainable levels of EU migration to the UK.

"Any EU national coming to the UK since the referendum result knew that the UK will be leaving, so their level of expectation is not the same as those who were here before the vote.

"EU citizens that come to the UK after Article 50 is triggered must understand that they cannot have any guarantees of a right to settle in the UK once we leave the EU."

Peter Whittle, the Party's Deputy Leader and Culture Spokesman said, "UKIP's position has always held that legislation cannot be back dated. We do not think it right or helpful that the PM and the EU have injected such uncertainty into the situation."

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