Nigel Farage calls latest 'Debate' proposals "An utter farce"

Published Mar 21, 2015

1017739_753280291386243_8538108291027881607_n.jpgThe Leader of UKIP has slammed the latest announcement by the broadcasters to host only one seven-way leaders' debate and turn previously announced plans for three debates into a 'Challengers' Debate', a question time style event and long form interviews.

"This announcement is so far from the original proposals of proper General Election Leaders' debates that were promised to the public. The broadcasters should be ashamed. They've kowtowed to manipulation from Downing Street and are now offering a shoddy selection of alternatives that are no different from typical election coverage already taking place.

"Essentially there are no longer what anyone could sensibly call Leaders' Debates. It's an utter farce.

"Clegg should take part in the so-called 'Challengers' Debate' and not be so weak as to be bought off by the Conservatives.

"As for the ridiculous proposal to replace one debate with a Question Time style event with the major party leaders it simply cannot be justified to exclude UKIP when just this week we were given major party status by OFCOM.

"To put UKIP on the same plain as Plaid is frankly a joke. This is a party based only in Wales who came fourth in the most recent national elections, which UKIP actually won.

"Millions of people who intend to vote UKIP are being denied the opportunity to hear our arguments.

"The entire plan has been concocted by the broadcasters in collaboration with the Conservatives. How we can ever again laud having transparent and neutral public service broadcasting in this country following this debacle I do not know.

"The general public wanted and rightly deserve proper, open General Election Leaders' Debates between the main parties, but instead are being fobbed off with a total rehash that plays into the hands of one man and one party only. It's a smack in the face of democracy and I am appalled."

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