Farage: Mr Barnier clearly did not understand why Brexit happened

Published Jan 08, 2018

Today Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP's Parliamentary Group in the European Parliament took questions from the British public to Michael Barnier, the European Commission's lead Brexit negotiator.

On leaving the meeting Mr Farage said,

"“Mr Barnier clearly did not understand why Brexit happened. I left with the impression that it has not been previously explained to him that the Brexit vote was primarily about controlling mass immigration and democratic self-determination. Unless he can compromise somewhat and be prepared to give on services and financial services, the calls to go out of the EU under WTO rules will increase.”

The Questions he took with him after asking his Radio audience for suggestions were,

From Paul,

"Ask Mr Barnier if he understands why the majority of British people voted to leave the European Union?"

From Sergio,

"What does Mr Barnier think will happen with the EU economy if he fails to secure a trade deal with the UK?"

And from James,

"Is Monsieur Barnier keen to see the continuation of mass immigration into the nations of the EU? If so, why does he support such measures?"

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