Farage on Juncker Election


With 422 votes in favour, the European Parliament elected Jean-Claude Juncker in a secret ballot on 15 July as President of the new European Commission to take office on 1 November 2014 for a five-year term. 

In response UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: "Britain's influence is weaker and the country is more isolated than before – this is illustrated by fact that probably only 3 British MEPs out of 73 voted for Juncker.

"Juncker wants more power to the centre, with EU foreign policy and energy policy, he wants to reinforce 'success' for the Eurozone – none of this leaves much room for renegotiation.

"To get power back from the EU, David Cameron needs the support of 27 other countries, as well as the European Parliament and Juncker who is an important player.

"Juncker said that the free movement of European peoples across the EU is non-negotiatiable. This is the single most important change the British people want and is clearly not going to change.

"Any prospects of re-negotiation are now miles away."

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