Farage welcomes Blair intervention on the European Union

Published Apr 07, 2015

Nigel_Twitter.jpegNigel Farage, the UKIP leader, has welcomed Tony Blair’s intervention on the EU referendum. Mr Blair is to speak in Sedgefield about why he feels the British people should not get a choice on their future.

Nigel Farage said, “Finally a chance to have a proper debate about the impact of the EU on British national life during this general election campaign.

"Blair was PM when the government promised a referendum on the EU constitution before the name of that was changed to the “Lisbon Treaty” and he cynically withdrew his offer.

"Blair was also an enthusiast for British membership of the Eurozone and had personal ambitions to become “President of Europe”, and how has that worked out for Europe and him?”

Farage continued, “It is no surprise to see him pat Miliband on the back for signing up to the corporatist EU agenda. There is no doubt that the corporate big business sector that has made Blair so rich is against having a referendum so neither is it a surprise to see Blair peddling their message.

The overall message from the Labour Party is that it wants the British people to trust it yet will not trust the British people to decide how they are governed.”

"However”, continued Farage, “his comments on Cameron’s position on Europe are quite right. Cameron has no intention of leaving the EU. All his posturing on the EU is driven by one thing, and one thing alone, fear of the hopes of the British people, a fear that is causing them to support UKIP in their millions.”

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