FIFA 'lost its moral compass' with decision to fine Home nations for wearing poppies

Published Dec 19, 2016

Patrick.jpgFIFA's decision to fine the Home nations for wearing poppy armbands has been condemned by UKIP spokesman for Media and Sport Patrick O'Flynn MEP.

"This is an atrocious and profoundly wrong-headed decision from an organisation that appears to have lost its moral compass," Mr O'Flynn said.

"The football associations of our Home nations are to be commended for honouring the sacrifice of previous generations at games played on and around Armistice Day.

"It should not surprise us that FIFA have made such an appalling decision on this matter given their previous appalling decisions on matters such as the hosting of World Cup finals. When it comes to the governance of football, failings at a global level are even more marked than the failings we have seen in the domestic game.

"FIFA has I am afraid become a byword for incompetence, greed and venality. The beautiful game deserves better than this.

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