Fifty years since the death of Sir Winston Churchill


sidebar_(1).jpgCulture Spokesman Peter Whittle writes: "Fifty years have passed since the death of Sir Winston Churchill.

"On that occasion, the Australian Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies paid tribute to this greatest of Britons and his leadership of our country in World War II:

“In the whole of recorded modern history, this was, I believe, the one occasion when one man, with one soaring imagination, with one fire burning in him, and with one unrivalled capacity for conveying it to others, won a crucial victory not only for the forces…but for the very spirit of human freedom.”

"Millions of words have been written about Churchill since then. He remains the benchmark by which all leaders have subsequently been judged. The epic quality of his personality, the fact that he squeezed several lifetimes of experience and achievement into one, remains an inspiration to us all.

"The memory of him should never be allowed to fade. Every so often, there are attempts to traduce and revise his reputation by historians hoping to make a mark. That none of them succeeds is proof of Churchill's place in the national story and imagination.

"Perhaps the most eloquent summing up came from the late, Labour-supporting historian A.J.P. Taylor. Writing in his bestselling book English History 1914-1965, he listed in a biographical footnote simply "savior of his country"

"We should pause and ponder that this day."

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