Fight against terror in the UK is not going to be won by giving more powers to the EU

Published May 02, 2016


The European Union should set up a central intelligence agency, inspired by the US Department for Homeland Security, according to a report compiled by the President of the European Commission's in-house think tank. Intelligence agencies should pool their expertise and allow a central EU service to analyse jihadist threats and draw up counter-terrorism plans, the report suggests.

Responding Mike Hookem, UKIP defence spokesman said the fight against terror in the UK "is not going to be won by giving more powers to the EU."

"We have heard from both Europol and Frontex, as well as the National Crime Agency here in the UK that it is open borders and the migrant crisis which has increased the terror risk to the whole of the EU including the UK.

"We know that data exchange between countries is poor but giving away control of security and law enforcement when it is agencies like MI5 and 6 who have been keeping us safe we need to look at bolstering their support not taking it away from them.

"To have police officers on the street who are not directly under the control of the directly elected British government is frankly frightening.

"The only people who should have powers of arrest in the UK are solely British law enforcers enacting our law, not Brussels law.

"But what this also demonstrates is that no crisis is too severe, no disaster too great for the EU not to use it as a power grab.

"Be warned: if we don't vote for Brexit on June 23rd we are sending a signal that we support these new measures. There is no status quo: it's independence or more Europe."

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