Fine words are not enough, we must take action

Published Mar 23, 2017

Paul Nuttall, the UKIP leader has called for action following the Jihadist attack on Westminster. He pointed out that the BBC security editor Frank Gardner has revealed that the security services must now track more than 3,000 Islamic extremists and that there are simply too many to track all the time. This is up from 1,000 a few years ago. So this problem is getting worse and is now out of control.

Mr Nuttall said, "It is estimated that more than 400 jihadis have been allowed back to the UK from Syria - this is grossly irresponsible. With the military defeat of ISIS in Mosul and the likely defeat in Syria thousands of battle hardened terrorists are likely to be fleeing into Europe, with many expected to try to enter the UK. Nobody who chose to fight for ISIS should be allowed back. 

"Though we now know that the individual concerned was born in the UK this shows that we clearly have an integration crisis. It is time for the Government to actually start confronting practices that are dividing off Muslim communities; FGM, sharia tribunals, first cousin marriage, forced marriage, so-called "honour" violence etc etc. All are unacceptable in Britain.

"Muslim communities must do far more to cut this cancer out of their midst. We need a more rigorous and assertive official approach on this. There should be no more pussyfooting around agonising whether "Prevent" strategies risk stigmatising people. Muslim citizens - just like non-Muslim ones - need to know it is simply unacceptable to be aware of radicalisation but to withhold information from the authorities. 

"UKIP will be the party that tells it as it is on these issues. We are on a disastrous path because of political correctness from establishment politicians.

"I urge the Government to stop all Saudi funding of UK Mosques. The Government should seize assets if necessary. To do anything less is effectively to be complicit in radicalisation.

Nuttall went on, "Nobody should be claiming anymore that this stuff has "nothing to do with Islam". These acts are motivated by religious zealotry and are accurately described as Islamic extremism/terrorism as Defence Secretary Michael Fallon finally acknowledged on behalf of the Government today.

"We remember PC Palmer and his sacrifice, and send our thoughts and prayers to all the innocents from the UK and around the world affected by this act of terrorism. 

"But while we do so we must act efficiently and quietly to ensure that this cannot happen again. Fine words are not enough".

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